Japanese Print Tender

from the collection of George Zaidmann

Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been collecting Japanese Prints since the mid 1960's having inherited a collection from my father and used as a basis for my emerging collection. Unfortunately the time has come that I must see my collection go to other people who I hope will enjoy them as much as I have through these many years.

I could have contacted individual dealers or one or other of the major auction houses but I believe that it would be best for all concerned that I organise a tender giving the opportunity to interested parties in obtaining what they precisely are interested in from the collection at a fair price.

As a collector my interest fell on the quality of design first and this, paired with the quality of the print both in colour and quality of edition, were the foremost factors in my mind during the long years of bringing the whole together.

Some of the prints come from major sales at Christies and Sothebys having come down from Vever and Le Veel collections but there are some from other important early collections as well. Many others come from collector friends and prominent international dealers which I will not mention by name but will know who they are when they read this.

It would be obvious to most that my interest was primarily directed toward Kuniyoshi but both Hiroshige and Hokusai were of great interest especially some of the brilliant landscapes from the various series. You will find the condition of these prints quite exceptional. The Golden age is also well represented with some good examples of Utamaro in particular.

To take part in the tender all you need do is to contact me and put in your best offer on any individual print.

I have provided thumbnail images of the prints below, click on them and a high resolution picture of the print will appear with a description. Should you require further information before putting in your offer just contact me and I will do my best to help. Higher resolution pictures are available and I will be happy to supply them to interested parties.

I consider myself an expert in the field and also own an important 200 odd collection of related reference books some extremely rare and also for sale so please enquire if you are interested.

Many thanks for your kind attention,

George Zaidmann                                                                                                                                     email: georgezaidmann@gmail.com

This top level domain (www.ukiyo-e.co.uk) is also for sale so please consider it as part of the tender.